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How Kaziranga protects its animals

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

When the flood hits, people take shelter on elevated lands, bunds, and roads. Their livestock follow cautiously. Sometimes stressed domestic animals and wild animals accidentally confront each other and injuries aren’t uncommon.

As the floodwater recedes, farmers get back to their villages, women repair the mud walls of their huts, wild animals return, and the park authority assesses the loss of lives inside the park. The mighty Brahmaputra folds itself back to being a lazy, meandering river. And a new cycle of life and renewal unfolds in Kaziranga.

Read the complete article titled A Flood and A Forest: When Brahma's Son Engulfs Kaziranga, written by Dr Naveen Pandey, published exclusively at

(The author is the Deputy Director and Veterinary Advisor to The Corbett Foundation and could be reached at


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