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VetsForAll is an exclusively ONLINE disucssion forum on animal health, welfare and ecosystem health. This forum recognizes no geographical boundaries. Compassionate and competent vets from India, Scotland and the U.S. have joined hands to provide immediate and personalized veterinary advice through mutual discussions. This forum is not for clinical treatment. It limits itself on deliberations. This service is free for all the homeless animals that community members take care of. The vets in our team want to make lives better for animals across the world. 

The discussions can be for pets, livestock, captive and free wildlife. 

What We Do

In a new normal imposed due to COVID 19 - induced restrictions, many elderly people with pets have approached us for consultation. Even young people seek advice as a second opinion for complicated cases related to their pets and other animals' wellbeing. We have addressed the concerns of animal keepers in Asia, the U.K. and the USA through discussions that lay greater emphasis on listening to their concerns. Explaining the rationale behind the treatments prescribed by vets helps relieve many anxiety and worries. Enhancing awareness of animal pain, suffering, care, and rational therapy makes the core of the VetsForAll team's ideology. Rather than prescribing drugs, VetsForAll engages in writings, and deliberations to make animal lives better. We encourage animal keepers to share experiences and help each other.


The Core Team

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Dr Naveen Pandey, MVetSc

Dr Naveen has been a vet for two decades with expertise in small animal surgery, animal welfare and conservation medicine. Trained in Conservation Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, he is a prolific writer and educator. He has widely published research articles in international journals and popular articles in Sanctuary Asia, Saevus, Deccan Herald, Hornbill (BNHS) and others. to TCF, he had worked at Darjeeling Goodwill Animal Shelter and Help In Suffering animal charities in Darjeeling and Jaipur for a decade. 


Dr Sophie Hopker BVM

Dr Sophie is a small animal vet in Scotland. She shares her time between teaching and clinical practice. She has over a decade of experience. Her volunteer stint in South India enabled her to undertsand animal husbandry and pet keeping in Indian context.  


Dr Alice Bacon, MVetSc

Dr Alice has worked as a mixed practice vet in the Scottish Highland and islands for more than 10 years. Having grown up in a small rural community and with a background in ecology, Alice values extensive, sustainable agriculture and rural livelihoods. The privilege of working with remote and indigenous communities from Mongolia to India and East Africa has deepened Alice's understanding of the importance of accessible livestock health care to the future of pastoralist communities and the cultures they represent. 

Dr Sujit Kumar BVSc & AH

Dr Sujit is a qualified vet for 17 years. He is the Head of Technical & Promotion for Therapeutic division of Livestock at Zydus Animal Health and Investments Ltd. His key competencies are new therapy conceptualization & launch, commercial team training & development. He is a travel enthusiast. He has travelled to more than 500 districts of India to visit veterinary institutions and meet veterinarians and animal keepers. He specializes in companion animal, livestock and aquaculture segments.


Dr Babu Gonipeta, M.S.

Dr Babu has been working as a companion animal veterinarian in the USA since 2012. He obtained a Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Sciences from the College of Veterinary Sciences, Tirupathi, India. Later he moved to the USA to pursue higher studies and obtained an M.S. from Michigan State University (MSU). In 2012 he returned to small animal practice to continue his passion for providing the best quality veterinary care for companion animals. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and The American Association of Immunologists (AAI). 


Dr Andy Hopker BVM

Dr Andy is a member of the clinical teaching staff, working in the Farm Animal Practice. He delivers hands-on clinical training to final year students through examining and treating cases through the ambulatory farm animal practice and hospital. Andy received the prestigious R(D)SVS award 'Rising Star in Teaching' in 2015 and has been nominated by the students for EUSA teaching awards as the best overall teacher in veterinary medicine in every year 2014- 2018, excellence in peer support in 2014, and best personal tutor in 2018. 

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